Italian extra vergine olive oil -Fattoria Le Montanine direct sales best italian extravergine olive oil


extra-virgin olive oil

does not exceed 0,4% in acidity, it is

organic and bio-dynamic

Olive trees are the foundations of our farm, the real patriarchs of this place: some of them were cut to the ground after the big frost of 1985.They grew again and they still yield their

precious fruits

. The

cultivation of vines and olive trees

is a real marriage of love, and in Tuscany it is found almost everywhere.This combination of seasonal cycles alternating with each other is the great strength of these traditional cultures. Indeed, the moment farmers are through with work in the vineyard, they can devote themselves to pruning the olive trees, until burgeons start appearing in the vineyard, and when the grape harvest is over, they go back to the olive trees, pinch out the root suckers and tidy up every single tree before starting the olive harvest, that is done when the vineyard is at rest after its long working season. This tale is an earthly poem, it teaches us to respect the roles and phases that nature knows how to harmonize.
At our farm we grow the traditional Tuscan varieties,

Leccino, Pendolino,Moraiolo and Frantoio

. The pruning is done with the help of pruning shears on a long pole so as to easily get to the highest branches without the need of a ladder. The harvest is done by hand , with the help of compressed air facilitators. The olives are put in crates and taken daily to a nearby mill to be pressed in up to date equipment which mills only organic olives.

Our oils

Italian extra vergine olive oil

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